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COVID-19 Updates

Hi Everyone,
We are under advisement from the Alameda County Public Health Department and Alameda County Office of Education to take precautions in response to the COVID-19 virus. In an attempt to give our community an update on school events, I will be updating the information below. Please subscribe to get an emailed update.
~Mrs. Jeannette Alday
Event Audience Date Status
Grade 3-5 SBAC Parent Meeting 3rd-5th grade Families 3/19/20 Canceled
Grade 3 SBAC Parent Meeting 3rd Grade Families 3/20/20 Canceled
Cloverleaf Family Bowl
(First Grade Fieldtrip)
1st Graders 3/20/20 Canceled
Spring Concert Choir & Colorguard 3/25/20 Canceled
Fremont Symphony Choir students 3/26/20 Canceled
Pioneer Olympics All students 3/27/20 Canceled
PTC Multicultural Night Pioneer Families 4/17/20 Canceled
Music in the Park Choir students 4/25/20 Canceled


(2nd Grade Field Trip)

2nd graders 5/15/20  Canceled

Open House

Whole School 5/13/20 Canceled

Silliman Aquatic Park

(5th Grade Field Trip)

5th Graders 5/29/20 Canceled

Kindergarten Orientation

New TK/Kinder
5/13/20- 5/15/20

Lifetouch Pictures

whole school June 2020
pending delivery
(dialer will be sent)

Yearbook Delivery

whole school June 2020
Pick up during Student Material Pick Up Date and Time, June 1- June 4
Updated News:
Governor Newsom has suspended state SBAC testing for grades 3-5 this year. Students will not be expected to take the test. For more information, click this link here.
Per Superintendent Thompson- This morning, we learned that Bay Area health officers and local County Superintendents of Education have extended school closures and student dismissals through May 1 with school starting again on Monday, May 4.  The press release from the Alameda County Office of Education can be found here.   Staff at New Haven Unified have been working in anticipation of this order and are revising and refining our current remote learning opportunities for students. Updates are also posted on our NHUSD website.
Per Superintendent Thompson- Yesterday, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond stated that he believes schools will need to continue remote learning for the remainder of the school year. Today, Governor Newsom repeated this sentiment and shared that he believes schools will not reopen this school year.  While these beliefs are not directives, school districts have been preparing for this possibility since the beginning of the “shelter in place” order. School is still in session. Virtual learning begins on April 13, 2020. Updates are also posted on our the NHUSD website and the  Alameda County Office of Education website.

Per Superintendent Thompson- Today during his daily address, Governor Newsom stated that he anticipated that schools would start the school year earlier “with modifications.” In New Haven Unified, we have a calendar that was developed for the 2020-21 school year and there are currently no plans to make any significant changes.  Our 2020-21 calendar includes a start date in early August which is in line with the Governor’s recommendation... To continue message, and get updates, go to our the NHUSD website .

Per Superintendent Thompson- First, as I shared in a communication earlier this week, we are not waiting for guidance from the County, State, or Federal governments on how to open schools next year. We are forming a district design team to develop options that address the following areas: opening schools with social distancing requirements; having to shift to a new, more rigorous version of virtual learning if we are forced to close schools in the fall; and developing a virtual learning academy that could allow parents to keep students at home for school with online, rigorous, and teacher-directed curriculum. We have not developed plans for this yet but we are moving forward quickly. I will continue to provide updates on our progress.

Next, we made a slight modification to the start date for the 2020-21 school year.  The revised first day of school is Wednesday, August 12. The first day that teachers report (without students) will be Monday, August 10. Originally, the first day for students was August 10.   We are also happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with our teachers’ union on school calendars for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years as well. We will post them on our website when they are finalized... To continue message, and get updates, go to our the NHUSD website .