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Jeannette Alday » Student Podcast~ Equity and Voice

Student Podcast~ Equity and Voice

Equity and Voice

Pioneer is a school that thrives in diversity, a place where everyone belongs. In each podcast episode you will find that we are trying to elevate student voice and build an inclusive school culture. We will be talking about issues important to our community. We hope that you find our episodes informative and helpful in class discussions.  We invite you to listen and learn with us!

2022-2023 Podcasts


Podcast 1: LINK

August 26, 2022: In this episode, we discuss ways we can build an inclusive environment. We learn about each other through family stories and talk about things we've done to eliminate Hate Speech and promote Respect at Pioneer.



2021-2022 Podcasts


Podcast 1: LINK

February 12, 2022: In this episode, we discuss Black History Month and what we can do to help students feel like they belong.


Podcast 2: LINK
March 2, 2022: This episode is a conversation with some very smart first-graders about Black History Month. Listen as we talk about the past and how we things feel right now in 2022.
Podcast 3: LINK
March 22, 2022: In this episode, third and fourth-grade students talk about Women's History Month and the impact of women and gender roles in our society.
Podcast 4: LINK
May 13, 2022: In our last episode, students reflected on the 2021-2022 school year and spoke about things that challenged them and how they overcame obstacles.
Podcast 5: LINK
May 26, 2022: In this final episode, two of our fifth-grade students read a letter addressed to our young listeners- Dear Young Woman...
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