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Jeannette Alday » Student Podcast~ Equity and Voice

Student Podcast~ Equity and Voice

Equity and Voice

Pioneer is a school that thrives in diversity, a place where everyone belongs. Our podcast elevates student voice and efficacy. We invite you to listen and join us in our learning session!


Podcast 1: LINK

February 12, 2022: In this episode, we discuss Black History Month and what we can do to help students feel like they belong.


Podcast 2: LINK
March 2, 2022: This episode is a conversation with some very smart first-graders about Black History Month. Listen as we talk about the past and how we things feel right now in 2022.
Podcast 3: LINK
March 22, 2022: In this episode, third and fourth-grade students talk about Women's History Month and the impact of women and gender roles in our society.
Podcast 4: LINK
May 13, 2022: In our final episode, students reflected on the 2021-2022 school year and spoke about things that challenged them and how they overcame obstacles.